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By installing OkeApp with a QR code shared by OkePartner, anyone can become an OkeMember and enjoy unlimited discount offers from thousands of OkeMerchants.

How to become an OkeMember? (Watch the Video Below)

  • To become an OkeMember, you need to have an invitation QR code shared to you by an OkePartner. OkePartner can be an individual or a company such as a charity organization.

  • After you have received an invitation message on your smartphone from an OkePartner, simply click the link in the message and download OkeApp. You can also directly download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • Register as OkeMember in the OkeApp by entering your basic information along with the invitation QR code.


Why is it good to be OkeMember?


  • To join as OkeMember, you don't need to pay for any application fee, membership fee, yearly fee or anything. You can enjoy unlimited discount offers from thousands of OkeMerchants. The number of OkeMerchants is growing every day!

  • OkeMerchants are generally offering at least 10% and up to 50% discounts, applying to all their products / services without any obligarion. No need to spend above certain amounts, no need to purchase designated products. 

  • For payments you can choose to use all major credit / debit cards and most E-payments, such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, Paypal, etc. To enjoy the discount, you don't need to pay with designated credit card.

How to claim a deal?


  • Select an OkeMerchant in OkeApp. You can search nearby OkeMerchants and view their deals in OkeApp. 

  • After you spend at an OkeMerchant, use OkeApp to show the merchant the related deal’s QR Code. If you shop online, you need to input the related Discount Code when checking out.

  • After the merchant scan your QR Code, you will soon receive an in-app notification about the payment, which will show the discounted amount. Click the notification, then input your payment info such as credit card details, then your payment will be done!

  • Don’t forget to leave a review after your payment!

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