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Any merchant can sign up with OkeApp to join as OkeMerchant, whether a restaurant, a retail shop, a hair salon, a bar… online shops or physical shops, or service providers, such as plumbers, car washes, etc.


What does OkeMerchant do?

  • Offer a discount to OkeMembers (consumers who use the OkeApp to present the discount code). Standard discount is 10% off. Please remember the better the deal, the more OkeApp will advertise to the OkeMembers.

  • The discount info must be uploaded to OkeApp and should be updated on a monthly basis.


Why is it good to be OkeMerchant?

  • Marvelous marketing and exposure of OkeMerchants through OkeApp to millions of OkeMembers, which include:

    • Online advertising: Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, Email, Google Ads, Bloggers, KOL… and more!

    • Offline advertising: Print Ad, Display Ad, Radio, TV… and more!

  • Free to join! No upfront joining fee.

  • Free of charge in credit card transaction!

  • Free analytics! Data will be provided on monthly basis.

  • Free gifts on sign up.

  • Get certified as best merchants by OkeApp.

How to become OkeMerchant?

  1. ​Sign a contract with OkeMerchant Rep, and providing info such as BR/CI, UBO Address proof and HKID, List of Directors.​

  2. Set up a payment link through the OkeApp to add the discount deal.

  3. Upload pictures (640 x 320 Pixels standard format) and fill in description of discount for OkeApp. External marketing resources will be available if needed.

  4. Technical implementation through a OkeApp agent. (POS, Cash register)

  5. When an OkeMember uses the discount code in OkeMerchant, OkeMerchant only need to contribute 10% of that revenue to OkeApp. And this fund will be used to provide all marketing and advertising activities for OkeMerchants, e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, Email, Google Ads, Bloggers, KOL, Print Ad, Display Ad, Radio, TV… and much much more!

Want to be OkeMerchant? Contact Us Now

Download: OkeMerchant Agreement

Learn more about: OkePartner

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