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OkePartner is any individual or charity / NGO who signup to participate in OkeApp's referral platform, earning extra money by recruiting OkeMembers.

What does OkePartner do?

  • Continuously recruit new OkeMembers by sharing his / its OkePartner QR Code to his friends and family members / its members and supporters, and encourage them to install OkeApp.

  • Encourage the recruited OkeMembers to use OkeApp more often and enjoy their discount in OkeMerchants.


Why is it good to be OkePartner?


  • When OkeMembers use their discount codes consuming in OkeMerchants, OkePartner will get comission accordingly which equals to 5% of the discounted amount spent by the OkeMembers.The commission from OkeApp will create a notable and sustainabe passive income for individual OkePartners. For charity / NGO OkePartners, they can raise extra fund from their members and supporters' spending activities.

  • Free to join! No any kind of fee.

  • No need to do any selling, and no target to meet. Share more and get more.

  • Comission will be transfered directly into OkePartner's own OkePay VISA Card on a bi-weekly basis.

How much can OkePartner earn?


OkePartners receive 5% commission on OkeApp’s net revenue (5% of OkeMembers’ spending). According to our forecast, after 12 months of operation, this commission can be over $10,995 and increase to $24,647at the 24th month. The number would keep growing...​


How to become OkePartner?

  1. In order to become an OkePartner, you need to be recruited by an OkePartner Rep. If not, you may also contact OkeApp directly.

  2. You need to sign an agreement with OkeApp and provide information required, such as HKID, BR/CI, Address proof, etc.

  3. Install OkeApp and register in app as OkePartner, and wait for approval.

Want to be OkePartner? Contact Us Now

Download: OkePartner Agreement

Learn more about: OkeMerchant

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