OkePartner is any individual or charity / NGO who signup to participate in OkeApp's referral platform, earning extra money by recruiting OkeMembers.

What does OkePartner do?

  • Continuously recruit new OkeMembers by sharing his / its OkePartner QR Code to his friends and family members / its members and supporters, and encourage them to install OkeApp.

  • Encourage the recruited OkeMembers to use OkeApp more often and enjoy their discount in OkeMerchants.


Why is it good to be OkePartner?


  • When OkeMembers use their discount codes consuming in OkeMerchants, OkePartner will get comission accordingly which equals to 5% of the discounted amount spent by the OkeMembers.The commission from OkeApp will create a notable and sustainabe passive income for individual OkePartners. For charity / NGO OkePartners, they can raise extra fund from their members and supporters' spending activities.

  • Free to join! No any kind of fee.

  • No need to do any selling, and no target to meet. Share more and get more.

  • Comission will be transfered directly into OkePartner's own OkePay VISA Card on a bi-weekly basis.

How much can OkePartner earn?


OkePartners receive 5% commission on OkeApp’s net revenue (5% of OkeMembers’ spending). According to our forecast, after 12 months of operation, this commission can be over $10,995 and increase to $24,647at the 24th month. The number would keep growing...​


How to become OkePartner?

  1. Install OkeApp and register in app as OkePartner.

  2. You need to sign an agreement with OkeApp and provide info such as BR/CI, UBO Address proof and HKID, etc.

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